How to Not Look like a Newbie at a Golf Course when Playing for the First Time?

How to Not Look like a Newbie at a Golf Course when Playing for the First Time?

If you ask the fear of any newbie golfer, they will say making a fool of themselves on the course. No matter if it is breaking a simple rule of etiquette, being unable to hit the ball accurately, losing so many balls, taking too long to find them, no matter these newbies get anxious the first time. So, how to ace not looking like a newbie and not make a fool of oneself, Golf 365 explains.

  • Take a few lessons from a pro before you head out on the course

Nothing holds a candle to the advice of getting your clubs, speaking with a pro and getting a few lessons to get you on the right track with your swing and practice all the right things. Then head to the range to hone your swing till you can hit the ball confidently and consistently. You don’t need to hit it 300 yards away, just straight and often to get you ready. Avoid being tempted to take your first swing on a full sized 18 hole course.  

  • Learn the ropes of basic golf etiquettes

You need to follow a certain set of etiquettes in golf. Go through the game rules and etiquettes. Be silent when other players are playing their shots. Don’t walk over their line and never mock when someone misses their shot. If you are a newbie, you will be investing your major time in seeking the balls in the rough. Sometimes it can be hard to find, so get acquainted with the rules of missing balls too.

  • If there is a smaller group behind you and you are a slow player, let them play through first.

Any golfer will be frustrated to wait for a round of golf for more than 10 minutes. If the group behind you is smaller in size, and they play faster than you, then let them play first. Apart from being grateful, you will enjoy your round much more. It is a mere courtesy that is not extended nowadays. So, be a good player.

  • Switch off your phone or put it on silent

Nothing will frustrate other golfers when they are playing their round and your phone rings that disturbs them. Switch off your phone or turn it to silent without disturbing other players around you.