Muay Thai at Gym Bangarang

Muay Thai at Gym Bangarang – the Ultimate Muay Thai Training in an Idyllic Setting and Fully Equipped Training Facility with Experienced and Friendly Trainers

Muay Thai is a martial art unique to Thailand. And, at Gym Bangarang, in Chiang Mai, Muay Thai training is provided – professional, driven and dedicated Muay Thai trainers make Gym Bangarang’s Muay Thai program an efficient and personal fitness goals fulfilling stint. Located in a verdure mountainous area with rice fields and simpatico local people, Gym Bangarang is distractions free, making it an ideal place to train in Muay Thai.

Losing weight and getting in shape are only two benefits of Muay Thai, at least seeable ones. Self discipline, coordination improvement and self help are some of the benefits of Muay Thai that are not immediately obvious. The Muay Thai program at Gym Bangarang guarantees all that and more. With people coming from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, South East Asia and America to train in Muay Thai at Gym Bangarang, it suffices to say that the training is of excellence and definitely personalized. People from all age groups are enabled to train in Muay Thai and all levels are covered – beginner to seasoned.

Gym Bangarang is outstanding in itself because of their unique way of Muay Thai practice and coaching. Mixing modern and traditional Muay Thai, Gym Bangarang has come up with Muay Thai refined methods that give an effective mix of strength increasing and intense cardio training. The Muay Thai training at Gym Bangarang is supported by fully functional equipment and hospitality as guests’ comfort is also one of their priorities.

 Every day is training day at Gym Bangarang with classes starting at 10:30am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-4:30p. The staff is fluent in English and Thai. The classes are kept small to avoid over-crowding and so that trainer and trainee can have more one to one interaction.

For those interested to fight professionally, arrangements for that can be made in the stadiums around Chiang Mai. Besides an airport in close quarters, Gym Bangarang is also near tourist hot spots. This comes in handy for those travel partners who don’t intend to train – they can go sightseeing.

Besides accommodation and an on-site restaurant, Gym Bangarang also has housekeeping and airport transfers in their packages.

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